Today is our 2nd anniversary! I am still amazed by my good fortune and the Lord's grace. Johnny is nutty, sweet, brilliant, handsome, wise, and everything a husband should be. We began our wedded bliss celebration on Saturday in Gruene, TX. It is one of our favorite little towns, technically part of New Braunfels set up just like a small, Texan town. We stayed the night in our honeymoon locale - The Gruene Apple. It is a charming, oversized bed and breakfast. We stayed in the Big Apple room the first two years but this year a couple snatched it from us. 'Tis OK - we picked the Wild West room which was cozy and had a balcony facing the river. My favorite part was the antique copper tub which I took full advantage of after dinner. Dinner was a virtual feast at the Gristmill. We had an appetizer, salads, steaks, red wine, and dessert. We did get up for The Gruene Apple's gourmet breakfast the next morning but let's just say we did not eat much the rest of the day. We did a bit of shopping at the cute stores. We visited the New Braunfels Museum of Art and Music which was a lovely idea but their current exhibit had only one painting we liked by Sharon Kopriva. The worst pieces in the exhibit were by Wayne Gilbert who creates images using dead peoples' ashes which is wrong on so many levels and not art in my opinion. That ranks right up there with the artist a few years ago who created the Virgin Mary using animal dung. Anyway, we also discovered a new store that is so "me." In front of our bed and breakfast was a little CD store called Lone Star Music. I wanted about 20 CDs but I only purchased a compilation entitled It'll Come to You: The Songs of John Hiatt. The song by Patty Griffin is breathtaking. Johnny found a CD as well and this is one of the many things I love about my husband........ He is a talented drummer with a perfect ear for music and yet he has electic tastes. (I do, too.) For example, he loves Nine Inch Nails, The Bangles, Van Halen, and Frank Zappa just to name a few. Then at Lone Star Music he bought a Dwight Yoakam Greatest Hits CD. This thrilled me because I am the Americana/anywhere near country fan in our home but Johnny always surprises me. He did the same thing when he sweetly tagged along to a Kasey Chambers concert in Austin, TX. The opening band was Robinella & the CC String Band which are wonderfully jazzy and bluegrassy. He loves them, too. And I love my husband for so much more than his musical tastes which coincide with mine. Now if you will excuse me, I need to get dressed to run an errand before we dine at Shiva Indian restaurant tonight.

I am thankful beyond words to be Mrs. Jenni L. Simmons.

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