Yet another thing I love about Johnny. Before our anniversary dinner on Tuesday night we exchanged a few gifts. He gave me the book Cash by the editors of Rolling Stone, Wilco ~ A Ghost is Born CD, and then, a bag of cotton balls. I looked at him quite perplexed. Sure, I could use cotton balls to apply my beloved Kiehl's cucumber toner on my face but I normally use round cotton discs. Johnny sensed my confusion and said, "The traditional gift for 2 year anniversaries is cotton." My husband is a goofranatoria.

OK, one more thing. He understands that I do truly NEED roses. Before dinner he walked in the door holding a dozen red roses. I've seen exquisite lavender roses but classic red is always romantic. So is dinner at "our" Shiva Indian restaurant in Rice Village. We sat in a booth framed by hippie love beads and dined on murgh mahkni, murgh shahi korma, saag paneer, naan, (I've probably butchered all spellings) basmati rice, and a glass of red wine each - a Chilean merlot for me. The staff at Shiva are some of the nicest folks in Houston. They once again treated us to a free dessert of their perfect rice pudding. Happy anniversary to us.

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