Short films

I want to thank Paste magazine on many fronts but primarily for introducing me to the art of short film. Each issue of their magazine now includes both a sampler CD and a DVD. The DVD contains music videos, short films, film clips, film trailers, clips from music DVDs, and more.

When I'm not reading or we are not watching a movie, it is much more worthwhile to watch a short film vs. surf the worthless TV. My favorite short film from the current Paste DVD is root. if you are curious. I want to say something profound here about the similarity of short films and short stories but I have nothing, so, both are snacks for my soul hungry for stories. (That phrase makes me ill; when I think of something profound the phrase will be edited.)

On a confessional note and speaking of snacks, my recovery from the stomach virus has led me into an addiction of Blue Bell orange sherbert. A few days ago this was one of the few items I could enjoy and now I can't stop. OK, I can but I don't want to - that is honesty. Lord willing, I will stop and get back into the gym for a bit this evening. To further promote Paste, their CD samplers are often my workout music of choice. And Radiohead.

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