Show and Tell

I've been meaning to write a "real" blog post for some time now - an incident that occurred at my job a few weeks ago. My excuse for not writing this time (the past few days, anyway) is a good one. I managed to catch a stomach virus on Wednesday and I was VERY SICK the next three days. I might blog about that, also, but not grotesque details - more along the lines of epiphanies acquired by forced fasting.

Tonight I am gushing thanks for this particular Sabbath. The only negative: I was not able to attend Church this morning due to continued recovery but even that was redeemed in that I read aloud the entire 1662 Morning Prayer liturgy to myself and Harley the cat. The remainder of this Sunday was spent resting, reading my current two books, rediscovering awe of Annie Dillard's writing, assisting Johnny in bathing Harley, spying on cute Johnny as he reclined on the futon listening to a Dr. Crenshaw sermon on his iPod while simultaneously playing solitaire on his iPod, drinking multiple mugs of chamomile tea, watching The Family Guy on DVD (one of my birthday gifts to Johnny), resting again while Johnny kindly went to the grocery store, and by this evening I was able to eat a few slices of thin crust cheese pizza! Nothing edible sounded good all day till 5:30 pm - I suddenly craved pizza and prayed to God I would not throw up. Hallelujah, it stayed down. And now I will enjoy my first glass of wine in three days - a cheap, chilled glass of St. Genevieve chardonnay. It is my future daughter's wine, after all (did you know St. Genevieve wine is made in Ft. Stockton, TX - the very city in which I was born?! I'm threatening to include the wine bottles in Genevieve's nursery decor one day. Maybe Calvin will have tulips all over his room, poor kid). And, most importantly, 1 Timothy 5:23 doth say, "No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for your stomach's sake and your frequent infirmities." (NKJV)

Now, my Show and Tell is one of these lovely journals my aunt Denise purchased for me in Austin, TX two months ago while we were shopping at our beloved Bookpeople. She gave me one of the journals in the Intricate Inlays series (please view paperblanks' catalogue on their web site which I so cleverly linked to), the Mirror Vines journal to be exact. She said it is very "me" and she knows me well; the mirror vines of flowers are shades of silver and pale blue and I adore all shades of blue as well as flowers. The journal also has a back pocket much like my other favorite journals, Moleskines. I recently read two books by Madeleine L'Engle in her Crosswicks series, A Circle of Quiet and The Summer of the Great-Grandmother. In both books she mentions the wisdom in keeping a journal, wisdom best heeded by a writer, and with a purty Mirror Vine journal how could I forsake her advice?

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