Funeral food

(Doesn't Lyle Lovett have a great song about funeral food?)

The funeral was indeed lovely. Alongside family and friends we worshipped God using this burial liturgy. We ended the day dining with Johnny's family; my kind mother-in-law, Lola, treated all of us to a feast at P.F. Chang's. Grieving seems to cause bodily fatigue and ravenous hunger so my pot of hot green tea, wild Alaskan salmon, and brown rice sure hit the spot. Mr. Simmons also loved salmon - we often took him to Chili's for dinner and he and I would order salmon together.

On a lighter note, I am thrilled that this morning I paid my fee for the Image conference! As Johnny said, I will be able to "hang out" with Kathleen Norris. Though it is difficult to choose, this is my favorite book by Ms. Norris.

This book is a very close second. As I've said numerous times before, she is one of my favorite authors. It's a good thing I am shy or I might startle Kathleen Norris with my ardent attention at the conference.

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