Yesterday afternoon I was a Rita refugee (more to this story in my next entry) leaving Plano, TX headed back to Houston. I had one of our CD books on the passenger seat as I "pimped" along in Mr. Simmons' Monte Carlo ("pimped" is my brother's terminology). While holding the wheel with one hand I dangerously and deftly pulled out one classic CD of my collection: the Indigo Girls' 1200 Curfews. The Indigos helped to shape my nascent, collegiate musical taste in Aggieland (thanks to The Wonder Years soundtrack and my upstairs housemate, Katherine) and on the brown disc of this 2-CD set they covered Bob Dylan's song "Tangled Up in Blue." As I listened and even sang along yesterday, I was reminded of the impact Dylan's songs made upon my very young self. The Indigo Girls and others covered Bob Dylan's songs so well that I quickly became a late-blooming Dylan fan. Johnny often makes fun of Dylan's voice and does a fantastic impersonation; I can bear it better than I used to since I feel protective of the American icon. But I do admit his singing is not his best gift. "Tangled Up in Blue" is only one example of his ingenious songwriting skill which I will defend to my grave. So I was thrilled to receive a e-mail today informing me that part one of the No Direction Home documentary would air on PBS tonight, directed by none other than the great Martin Scorsese. Johnny kindly watched part of it with me while we ate Chinese takeout. I plan to tape part two tomorrow and you should watch it as well. Of course, I am fated to purchase the DVD set soon.

On another important musical note, my friend Katy hipped me to the Saints Marching In Katrina relief concert series in Nashville, TN. She and her husband are playing the October 11th show and I wish I could be there. Not only is Katy one of my favorite people but Johnny and I love East Nashville where both Katy and one of my other favorite people, Kierstin, dwell. Oh, and Bongo East also dwells there; when I was in Kierstin's wedding Johnny and I visited Bongo religiously for our daily caffiene intake and for my personal vanilla granola needs. To conclude, I love that Katy and the other musicians are sharing word and music-laden gifts to give relief to those living in tragedy.

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