Sniff update

Until I am able to replace the aforementioned Diamond-Power incense, Kin-kaku is an honorable mention. It also smells of cinnamon and sandalwood but the addition of clove and soft patchouli is a nice touch.

One of my favorite things that Harley does is to jump on our counter every morning as I grumble and stumble into the bathroom trying to wake up. He meows as if I've forgotten his obsessive morning routine: I turn the bathroom faucet to a low, thin stream and he sticks his cute little face under and laps up the water. His nose gets wet as well as his forehead - he looks as if he's been infant-baptized, a liquid cross smeared on his head. One of his other endearing quirks is to watch me intently as I place a new stick of incense on its burner. Harley cocks his head slightly as I strike a match. He then gazes as spirals of warmth and scent fly toward Heaven like prayers. Long after the incense falls, ashen snow, and our home smells of a spicy tabernacle, we pick up Harley and nestle our faces in his fur. He often smells of incense - our bohemian gato el gray.

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queen kitty ann said...

Harley is a grand cat!!