Our lovely date concluded with my Chilean merlot and Johnny's martini then crashing into bed by 1:30 - 2:00 am. And not worrying about bedtime or when I had to wake up (10:00 am) because I have a Saturday off from work! Johnny had to awaken a tad early to teach lessons and play at a wedding but he insists he's OK. Here I sit with our windows open. Why? It is a GLORIOUS 70 degrees outside, the sunshine brilliant. Harley keeps running from windowsill to windowsill taking in the breeze. He is also perplexed as the wind blows his toys (paper and plastic bags in particular) causing them to mimic ghosts. He arches his back, reminiscent of Halloween, before realizing the bags are not appartitions, just his faithful toys. I'm sipping tea, writing, inhaling combined scents of fresh air and incense, and bound for an hour or two of reading before more productive endeavors. I did not choose this day off, 'twas given to me. I was granted next Saturday off, also. I always have Sundays and Mondays off so that is two 3-day weekends, folks, which means God knew I needed a respite from retail customers.

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Chris said...

Your words are soothing. They felt like a warm fuzzy blanket wrapping around me. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Please tell Kierstin she is in my prayers. Memories of Granny flooded back when reading about her dad - a good friend is best right now - no words - just being.