It's a shame our friends have no talent

Last night Johnny and I had a lovely date of dinner at Amazon Grill, my cappuccino and his double espresso at Harlow's, and taking in the movie Elizabethtown. While driving to our date destinations we listened to the "rough draft" of our friend Frank's upcoming CD. As expected, it is great. One of my favorite songs is "A Girl With Rain", inspired by a poem written by another friend of ours, Allison Smythe. (also of Ars Graphica fame) The song is beautiful, and here is Allison's poem:

A Girl With Rain

We all crave the holy
even as we despise the holiness, how ever we taste the rain.
Tonight, coming home, I followed the red taillights
of someone faceless, nameless,
until the city skylights became a constellation
in my rearview mirror-
as if I had time for reasons.

I have a womb for making
but the wind blows there. I weep only
in the morning; at evening I settle
with the shedding of noise, of expectancy,
of proving.

In my vacancy I wait for you again.
I will keep waiting because I will never see the edge of you.
Because the wind makes me hungry.
Because is its own reason.
I am weighed by these mute intuitions,
the unmeasured voice.

you speak in tongues.

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