In addition to books I rabidly read magazines. Over the weekend I borrowed two from work: the October 2005 issue of Real Simple and the September 2005 issue of Domino. I've been an admirer of Real Simple for a few years but Domino is a delightful new discovery. Domino caught my eye because Johnny and I will be house-shopping in the very near future and also because Ione Skye is on the cover - I just love her though I don't think I've seen her in anything but the classic movie Say Anything. The magazine features her home which inspires me - 'tis a flawless combination of modern and eclectic elements which I would love in our house. And, Ione has this swing chair in her bedroom which MUST be in our destined abode but why in God's name is the chair $2,785?! If one of you knows where I can find a cheaper version of this chair PLEASE let me know.

In Real Simple I found the following quote on the very last page. As someone always wanting to read I found this quote endearing:

"Reading for pleasure, reading a novel while you are on the bus or the train or the subway, reading a biography instead of returning all your boss's e-mails, reading philosophy in the back of a seminar that your corporate team sent you to, reading a short prose poem translated from Spanish by your favorite Chilean playwright in the coffee shop, reading a movie review on line at the place where you pay bills when you are too late to mail them - just reading novels and books in general will greatly aid you in your pursuit not to be rich, if only in their sheer time-as-money-wasting capacity. It makes a practicing nonbazillionaire like myself tremble to consider how much money I could loose reading Anna Karenina."
(From How Not to Get Rich: Or Why Being Bad Off Isn't So Bad by Robert Sullivan)

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