Germs 101

In my 30 years of life I've obtained the ability to recognize the first ominous syptoms of a cold. My head feels as if it is enlarging, eventually headed for an explosion. My ears feel similar with an annoying ache. Nothing sounds delectable, not even comfort food, and I crave mostly healthy dishes if hunger strikes at all. My nose starts to sniffle, I feel blah all over, and my brain functions slowly causing me to feel like a simpleton.

Yesterday morning I rolled out of bed with this condition and was not thrilled. My health was aggravated by my staying up too late the night before watching worthless, mind-sucking TV. Why in God's name I did that I don't know. Johnny was in Alabama with Ross King; it was not my husband's fault but if he was home we would have watched something with better comical content at least. So, I stayed home from Church this one Sunday because I did not feel alert enough to drive 30 minutes to our lovely Church. I sat on our couch and read through the longer version of Morning Prayer and enjoyed immersion in God's words and prayers and intermittent silence, contemplating His glory and light.

Then I forced myself into the car to buy The Essential Germ-Killing Kit at Whole Foods:

A) Emergen-C: Raspberry and Super Orange are the Simmons' favorites.

B) Echinacea Complete Care Wellness hot tea. Of course Whole Foods' shelves were depleted of this tea but Johnny kindly purchased it for me at HEB on his way home from the airport. I'm grateful because I believe this tea to work miracles therapeutically. Johnny thinks it smells like marijuana but I disagree, somewhat. I love its aroma of eucalyptus and the mint tingle on my throat. The tea is not kind to my breath - I might smell like a pothead after drinking this medicinal beverage.

C) Due to my healthy cravings I chose a pecan feta salad large enough that I had to eat it for lunch and dinner. Another substitute for this part of the kit is Campbell's chicken and egg noodle soup along with Saltines. If your sinuses are particularly clogged just sprinkle a little chili pepper on the soup.

D) I added a new item to the kit: Odwalla Wellness drink. I love Odwalla - their Superfood is green goodness though I admit it looks like goop. Their carrot juice is tasty, too.

E) Jason Chamomile and Lavender Satin soaps. We already had these sitting by our kitchen and bathroom sinks but since I'm sharing my cold care wisdom I cannot fail to mention Satin soaps. It is very important to wash your hands religiously.

F) Olba's inhaler: I confess I usually snort this every night before bed but it's not habit-forming so get off my back.

G) Sleep and more sleep. And reading in bed. I love reading in bed.

There you go, the perfect cold care kit unless you prefer the more rustic route like my brother. In that case down mass quantities of Advil or Tylenol and orange juice. It has worked for him so I can't discount his method; I personally desire more aromatherapy on my sickbed.

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