As I was typing my Germs 101 entry I heard otherworldly music coming from Johnny's eMac across our apartment. I finally asked him what he was listening to and he showed me this Glosoli video.

That is some of the best film I've ever seen. I agree with our friend Frank who sees the Gospel in the video; the band may not have intended to do so but God displays His story with or without the aid of an artistic band. And the cinema begins with a tow-headed drummer boy! Our friend Kemper told me about Sigur Ros a long time ago but I've been lazy to buy their CDs. Johnny told me Sigur Ros is from Iceland but Jonsi is not singing in Icelandic. He makes up words using his voice as a musical instrument. I think Sigur Ros is joining Radiohead as one of my favorite non-Americana bands.

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