Image conference pics

So, the Image conference was intellectual and artistic heaven. And, here are pictures! (click each picture to enlarge) And, my personal captions, left to right on each row:

1. The great Nicholas Wolterstorff speaking at Taft Coffee/Xnihilo Gallery.

2. A wonderful painting by James B. Janknegt on the wall; sadly I can't recall which artist(s) made the pieces hanging from the ceiling.

3. The great Nicholas Wolterstorff ordering coffee at Taft. I had coffee in the morning as well but later that afternoon I had a cup of Monk's Prayer hot tea which is a blend of chamomile and peppermint.

4. One of my heroes, Kathleen Norris, speaking at the University of Houston. The most interesting topic she spoke of was our culture's assault on language. I might write about that later. She also read to us several poems (one of which I posted on Nov. 14th) because it was night and we needed poetry, she said.

5. Kathleen Norris again, speaking with braver souls than moi; I was far too shy to converse with Ms. Norris.

6. Part of artist John Cobb's brilliant exhibit, Chapel Series. I viewed this exhibit at least ten times. I heard John Cobb was shy but he was very friendly to me and others who viewed his exhibit. As I introvertedly gazed at his paintings after I quickly introduced myself he said, "Are you a painter?" I laughed and said, No, my brother received that gift - I am a writer. He then stated I have a supporting role to painters. He even remembered my name two days later which was impressive since I am horrible with names. His exhibit was amazing as the changing sunlight played off the gold leaf. These paintings were created also using egg tempera which I learned is an extremely difficult process thus making his work even more genius. I was actually sad to leave his art on the last day of the conference.

7. Taft Coffee/Xnihilo Gallery again which I should mention is part of Ecclesia Church.

8. A panel discussion at Taft including author and mortician Thomas Lynch (second from the left) and artist Wayne Forte. (second from the right; my apologies to the other men whose names I've forgotten) The pieces behind the men are by Wayne Forte.

9. One of the drool-inducing "bookstores", this one at Taft, brought all the way from Eighth Day Books in Kansas. The other bookstore was at the University of Houston where I eventually purchased A Hundred White Daffodils by Jane Kenyon and Little Girls in Church by Kathleen Norris, two books which I've pined over in the pages of Eighth Day Books' catalog numerous times. But back to the picture - see the lady on the right-hand side in a green shirt? That is me - I made it into a picture! Of course I'm right by all of the books since I hovered over each table like a stalker.

In addition to these fine moments, I was also thrilled to discover these artists of which we should all become patrons:

Seven Dance Company

Alfonse Borysewicz

Mary McCleary

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