Do these glasses make me look smart?

Today was Music Day due to a nifty little card stuck into my Paste magazine, to which I subscribe. The card was an offer for 50 free songs from eMusic. After reading the fine print I simply could not pass up 50 free songs. I know eMusic is trying to lure me and I'm OK with that, but for now I have a trial subscription to the indie-friendly download site. I spent way too long choosing my free tunes:

1. Neko Case's Furnace Room Lullaby CD (I LOVE her)
2. Iron and Wine & Calexico's In the Reins CD (thanks to The PRG)
3. Marah's Let's Cut the Crap and Hook Up Later On Tonight CD (lovely title)
4. Porcupine Tree's Signify CD, minus one song (for the Simmons to share)
5. Arcade Fire's song, "Neighborhood 1 - Tunnels," from their Funeral CD (I only had one free song left!)

Then I checked out Paste magazine's current Podcast and was sucked in for an hour. That led to Relevant's Podcast featuring an interview and live performance by Derek Webb which took nearly another hour. I feel justified in that I multi-tasked by listening as I ate lunch, balanced our checkbook, answered e-mails and message board posts, and did not watch Oprah or Gauntlet 2. I feel my mind was nurtured by good music and stimulating discussion.

Since it is Music Day, I've been meaning to share a few pictures Christine and I took at the dying Cactus Music (sniff) when my long-lost friend was in town last weekend. I am not usually one to try on silly hats, outfits, dance at concerts, or do anything remotely veering from my shy and reserved personality. Yet Christine and I saw a tall, spinning rack of wacky glasses and she managed to convince me to try 'em on in public. The whole event struck us as hilarious; Cactus customers and staff probably thought we were dorks because we laughed until we cried. I dedicate these pictures to Christine Bailey, and all of you who tried to bring me out of my shell over the years (comments below each pic):

I love how I flashed the typical "Jenni" smile while wearing such horrid sunglasses. I also love the 80s flare and that my nose looks so big. And the tag.

Similarly, I love Christine's signature sweet smile with clasped hands for added effect. The size of those glasses reminds me of my Mom's shades in the 70s and 80s or Paris Hilton's today.

This is Christine's favorite picture. I am quite proud of my pucker. Too bad I didn't have any plastic vampire teeth to match the lenses - note the fangs.

This is MY favorite pic. Christine is so money! I might have to buy these for Stine.

This is my other favorite. I must admit I actually love these glasses and again, the tag. The glasses remind me of Flannery O' Connor or Lauren Winner. Or myself 50 years from now, a sassy Granny. I might have to buy these, too. Another confession is that I look forward to wearing glasses one day when the need arises, especially sassy ones.


Beckye said...

These are my mother's glasses from the 60's!!

Lauren said...

oh jenni....i've said it to amy, and now i'll say it to you. we need a "grassroots girls", me, stine and amy, drinking shiner and reminiscing. sigh. until then....