Five Senses Friday, Day 4

1. Candlelight at night.
2. My husband's handsome, happy face as he told me over dinner (Texas, Land, and Cattle) that we have paid off all our debts!
3. Saddam Hussein magnets, a kind gift from my aunt Denise. Today Saddam is wearing green plaid golf shorts, a coconut bra, and holding a bouquet of flowers.
4. Our Compassion child's (Denise) latest letter all the way from Rwanda, and a lovely picture of Denise in her new, blue dress and orange flip-flops. Her sage-looking grandmother is also in the photograph.
5. My brother's painting on our bedroom wall which I see first thing every morning.

1. Teeccino herbal coffee, Java flavor. You may be thinking, NASTY. But I'm desperate here, folks. I actually enjoy it black, or with Silk vanilla soy creamer. Herbal or no, it smells like coffee, contains a natural coffee flavor, and I make it in our coffeemaker. Plus, it's super-healthy - read for yourself on Teeccino's web site.
2. Vanilla orchid soy candle (I'm addicted to these soy candles!).
3. Turkey bacon sizzling on the griddle.
4. Rain.
5. Godiva dark chocolate.

1. Teeccino herbal coffee!
2. My first lobster tail. Oh my sweet Lord.
3. Bobo's organic oat bars.
4. Teahouse strawberry slurpy with tapioca beads.
5. Freshly sliced mango.

1. Harley meowing, always meowing.
2. Neighbors playing bad music on their patio.
3. I See Things Upside Down CD by Derek Webb, good music.
4. Maintenance men beautifully mowing the apartment lawns, but wreaking havoc on my allergies.
5. A thunder storm rolling in at 3:00 am.

1. Jason's all-natural Temptations lip tint in Passion.
2. My indigo satin, Asian-print, cylinder shaped reading pillow.
3. Rubbing Harley's tummy with my foot (he is under my desk).
4. Cold glass of water.
5. Johnny's biceps - he's been working out, and it shows.

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