Good Friday

Johnny and I went to the Good Friday service at our Church. Worship began at 12:00 pm to remember Jesus Christ dying on the Cross from about 12:00-3:00 pm, and literal darkness covered the land. Our Church's altar was stripped bare last night; all to be seen today were the Crucifix atop the altar and the large, wooden Cross hanging above the altar both covered by black cloth. Even Rev. Ellisor and the musicians wore black cassocks. We sang the lovely hymn, "O Sacred Head, Sore Wounded."** It all made for somber hope.

J & I will watch The Passion of the Christ tonight as we decided to do every Good Friday to remember. Like I said, I'm writing an entry about pain for I've had a lot of it recently. But that pain is nothing compared to my Lord's agony on the Cross. Words fail me today (words fail every writer at times), but I read this blog entry, and the poem is beautiful. Even more beautiful is this Scripture read to us in Church today.

**One of my favorite bands, The Innocence Mission, did a version of this song, "O Sacred Head Surrounded." I don't know my hymn history well enough to know the difference between the two versions, but they both have the same melody. Christ is My Hope is a must-have CD.

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Grits said...

Happy Easter. Good to see you online again. Hope you are well!