Five Senses Friday, Day 2

I am writing an entry about the lovely topic of pain, but here we are again, Five Senses Friday. And, 'tis Good Friday. I'm planning to make such lists every week as an offering of thanksgiving to God for all five senses.

1. Harley Cat scared me to death when I saw him perched on top of our porch railing. He pondered the bushes below, and thank God he chose cowardice. I disciplined him with a water squirt bottle, and then I saw what triggered his hunter instincts - a beautiful, red cardinal. He actually did this twice; the second time for a pretty blue jay.
2. Dooce's hate mail entry. It made me laugh out loud! I am a Christian and I love Dooce.
3. My writing time seemed to start around 5:00 pm every day this week. I loved watching the light change, the sun gracefully fall, and I spied on our neighbors peering through barely-opened blinds.
4. Reading more of Lauren Winner's great book on chastity. I highly recommend this book to single and married folk alike. Excellent.
5. Pining over Hotel San Jose in Austin, TX. Johnny and I are dying to sleep over!

1. Amber incense.
2. Jason Chamomile Satin Shower body wash.
3. Nature's Gate henna conditioner.
4. Caldrea lavender pine window spray for bathroom mirrors.
5. Neutra Air, Fresh scent.

1. Earth Balance Organic Whipped Spread on Oroweat Health Nut English muffins.
2. Amy's non-dairy burrito in a whole wheat tortilla with beans and rice.
3. Wheat-Free and Dairy-Free Newman O's - surprisingly equal to Oreos! I sadly confess I slipped in my Lenten fast.
4. Celestial Seasonings Roastaroma herbal tea.
5. Chicken with cashews - Spicy Panda Chinese take-out.

1. Birds chirping as I brewed morning mugs of Roastaroma, and during evening writing time.
2. Marissa Nadler's CD, Ballads of Living and Dying - a kind gift from Kemper for the upcoming interview.
3. He also gave me Syd Matters' self-titled album which is fantastic - Nick Drake meets Radiohead.
4. Penguin Podcast #11 with Nick Hornby and Marah!
5. I guess this is technically Sight, but TV also involves audio: the PBS documentary, Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State. I will never cease to be horrified by the evil Nazis and the countless number of Jews they tortured and killed.

1. Rubbing Harley Cat's tummy while he poses like a centerfold.
2. Squeezing a spongy device for dear life as a kind but clumsy nurse wrangled my poor veins for blood. Now I look like a drug addict with bruises and tracks.
3. Soft, clean clothes as I put away dark laundry which we have a lot of around here as Johnny's favorite color is black. Dark Woolite is our friend.
4. My favorite extra soft, gray PJ pants. Or as Johnny calls them, my Big Pants; though they are a size small, they stretch out quickly creating Big Pants.
5. Pumice stone scratching icky dry skin off my feet.

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March to the Sea said...

Or as Johnny calls them, my Big Pants; though they are a size small, they stretch out quickly creating Big Pants.

hahahah..thats great!