Are we almost there?

Last Monday my brother joined us in the Honda Element for seven hours en route to San Angelo, TX to visit my grandfather, Papaw. Well, Johnny kindly drove all seven hours. Papaw was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure, but we were delighted to find him in the nursing center breathing well, mentally alert, joking around, talking about his beloved Texas Rangers, and singing hymns. Here are three of my favorite men on earth, left to right - my brother Jody, Papaw, and my husband (my Dad, Uncle, and late Father-in-law complete the circle of my favorite men):

Isn't Papaw adorable? He was leaning back to relieve pain in his hip, but I think he ended up looking like a cool kat. We drove another seven hours back home the very next day. I was doing fine, talking to my brother and Johnny, we listened to the most recent Mars Hill Audio, Johnny Cash and The Police, enjoyed peace and quiet, but then I lost my marbles in severe boredom. This is what happened next:

Oh yes, I grabbed the camera and turned it on myself. My brother said, "How vain are you?" I stated this was not a matter of vanity, but sheer ennui. And, how could I be vain with a picture of me smiling as widely as my facial muscles would go? Not a flattering shot. To prove I was not vain, I snapped my cute husband patiently smiling and driving right along:

Then for further proof I tried to capture my handsome brother on film. As I attempted to center the little digital screen, he quickly pulled my long green pillow over his body. I was very disappointed, so I had to be content with a picture of his feet, that little booger:

Jody would not play, and Johnny said, "Stop the insanity!" (he is one to talk about insanity) But I shot a few more, learning how to center that little screen. See Jenni angry:

See Jenni scared!:

See Jenni pensive as the sun set:

Finally, home sweet home! Harley was happy to see us and apparently wanted to use my new bag as a Man-Purse:

And here we have Johnny's remedy for Element Butt, and for bearing with his dorky wife:

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Christine said...

Jenni, you crack this girls butt up! That pic of you scared and then Harley with the man-purse!!! You kill me!