Five Senses Friday, Day 9

1. Harley Cat's new sleeping space: atop the tall, black armoire in our bedroom. He accidentally knocked down a painting propped up there (by our friend David Ohlerking) and it scared me half to death in the middle of the night.
2. Franz Ferdinand and What Made Milwaukee Famous on Austin City Limits. The latter band was fantastic; the first band was lame.
3. Reed's beeswax-honey tea lights lit all over the living room.
4. The new issue of Domino magazine which I read cover to cover.
5. Movies to keep me company at night while Johnny is in Florida: Shopgirl, Proof, The Family Stone, Capote, and The Hours. Capote was very well-done, but I loved The Family Stone most of all. I adore Diane Keaton. I loved the whole cast. I also love Dermot Mulroney - he is my brother, I swear. I hated The Hours.

1. Method Fresh Air dryer sheets. (you may also hang one or two in your closet for an air freshener)
2. Blown-out candles.
3. Jason Henna Hi-Lights shampoo and conditioner.
4. Sullivan's Happy Heart peppermint tea from the Bayou City Farmers' Market - merely peppermint leaves, oil of peppermint, and natural fruit sugar.
5. Rain.

1. Straus European Style plain whole milk yogurt. Dear God.
2. Metromint peppermint water.
3. Wha Guru cashew vanilla chew.
4. Shrimp spring rolls and peanut sauce, chased by Honest Tea's Moroccan mint green. A perfect meal.
5. Reed's raw, whipped cinnamon honey. DEAR GOD.

1. The song "Beautiful Change" by The Innocence Mission. I love Karen Peris's voice.
2. Strays Don't Sleep's EP, a teaser for their forthcoming self-titled CD.
3. Johnny's voice on the phone.
4. Billie and her husband Alan (patients at the nursing home) saying they will pray for me and Johnny every day. Sweet, selfless souls.
5. Thunder.

1. A wine glass.
2. Purely Cotton facial tissue and toilet paper.
3. Baby Ian B.'s adorable chubby legs and feet (see pictures for his face!).
4. Writing with a Hotel San Jose pencil. It's been a long time since I've used a pencil.
5. Using our Bodum Assam tea press (a kind wedding gift) to brew Pila black leaf tea.

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