10 Reasons Why I'm in Love With the Farmers' Market Today

1. More whipped raw cinnamon honey from the very friendly Wendy Reed.
2. Yaya's Raw Rah Walnut Pear Kookies (organic: pears, walnuts, maple syrup, cranberries, and cinnamon).
3. Yaya's NRG ORBS Ahhh Mon Kookies (organic: almonds, unsweetened & dessicated coconut, almond butter, and dates).
4. A dozen vegetarian-fed, ungraded-yard brown eggs for $2.30 because the kind and gracious Leon Hattermann did not mind that I was 20 cents short, and he insisted that I not break another bill.
5. A slew of purple, blue, white, pink, and crimson wildflowers - enough for a large vase in our living room and a tall glass cup on my desk. $5.00!
6. 1/2 lb. organic pecans from Rio Grande Organics.
7. 2 more cartons of organic blueberries: 1 for me and 1 for Amy B.
8. Organic baby strawberries.
9. My e-mailed raw milk and cream order from the nice couple Bob and Darlene Stryk.
10. A little healthy sweat out in the Texas sunshine, or as my Mama would say, "A healthy glisten."

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