Five Senses Friday, Day 14

1. Gorgeous produce both this week and last from the organic co-op: white, yellow, and red onions; Pink Lady apples; red plums; Serrano peppers; ginger; lemons; avocados; green bell peppers; green and red leaf lettuce; cherry tomatoes; spinach; curly green parsley; basil; beets; celery; eggplant; yellow squash; sweet potatoes; small Russet potatoes; Bartlett pears; baby carrots; and one pound organic evaporated cane juice. If you have recipes for any of the produce, PLEASE SHARE! Johnny kindly made yummy African chicken using parsley; it was from The Africa News Cookbook - let me know if you want the recipe.
2. The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter.
3. Adorable houses in our Church's neighborhood in The Heights. My friend Lorena and I pined over each bungalow as we stuffed mailboxes with flyers for Vacation Bible School next week.
4. The new issue of Domino magazine. I can't wait to decorate our future house.....
5. Good mail week: also a new issue of The Sun magazine. I received a free introductory issue and I am trying to decide if it's a keeper. It seems wonderful, but I have stacks of magazines and journals all over the apartment!

1. A tea tree oil bath.
2. Aura Cacia Tranquility essential oil blend (lavender, balsam fir, patchouli, palmarosa, geranium, and Roman chamomile) burning in a Wyndmere electric diffuser. I've read this is not the best diffuser on the market, but until our budget allows a fancy one, the Wyndmere makes our living room smell tranquil. I've also been burning peppermint oil in the mornings. In addition to recipes, I'm also taking essential oil/aromatherapy suggestions!
3. Papaw's buttermilk pie baking.
4. Ecover stain remover - smells like lavender.
5. Aubrey Organics Camomile Luxurious Volumizing shampoo and GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Conditioner.

1. Unsweetened Just Cranberry juice.
2. Indian food at Shiva, oh how I missed thee.
3. Wholly Wholesome blueberry pie on July 4th, hanging out with the Birsingers, the Crabbs, and their friend Chuck (Johnny is in Alabama).
4. Female Toner tea.
5. Garden of Life Olde Icelandic cod liver oil. You and I both might think I've stepped over the nutrition-edge, but cod liver oil is extremely healthy. I might be wrong, but I think you only need a teaspoon a day. I take it in the morning then quickly drink a glass of water.

1. Loud thunder last night.
2. 4-year-old Izzy B. proudly telling her Mom that Sunflowers was painted by Van Gogh. She and I were watching a Little Einsteins video, and I taught her the featured painting was by Van Gogh. The music was by Vivaldi, but she had trouble pronouncing that one. She liked the music, though, little smartie.
3. Our new purple Dyson vacuum, thank God!
4. A tree frog on our porch (next to the bedroom) in the middle of the night.
5. The newest Paul Simon CD, Surprise.

1. Primal Defense probiotic caplets. Everyone, male and female, should take this amazing black pill. It helps me in many ways which I won't describe unless I start a health blog for women. Oh, thanks again to Annie (a.k.a. Chief Executive Mom): I discovered Health Food Emporium which sells Garden of Life supplements at a great discount, and free shipping with orders over $50.
2. "Herbal" oven mitts which I purchased at The 99 Cent Only store.
3. Hugging Harley Piefoot in forgiveness.
4. Izzy B. sitting in my lap as we tried to get into a Rush concert on DVD that her parents, Kemper, and Chuck were watching.
5. My late father-in-law's large chess-patterned umbrella.

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