Five Senses Friday, Day 15

1. 1st-3rd grade kids (my class) wrapping each other like mummies with toilet paper at Vacation Bible School.
2. Ladysmith Black Mambazo in Outer Space cartoon - something actually funny on Saturday Night Live!
3. Papaw's yellow calla lilies are dying, but the ivy is still green and thriving.
4. New issue of Paste magazine with Thom Yorke on the cover! Holy cow, I'm still behind reading/listening/watching the last two issues, but this is a good problem.
5. The older kids performing a skit at VBS, written by one of their own.

1. Desert Essence Aroma towelettes.
2. Lavender essential oil on my pillow.
3. Uni-Fresh vanilla air freshener.
4. Baby Judah's head (son of our friends Omar and Lorena).
5. Vanilla essential oil at Whole Foods. I didn't buy it yet, but it is on my list - I love the scent of vanilla.

1. PitaPal hummus - made in Houston!
2. Naked Green Machine drink.
3. Acid Defense. This supplement helped tame a few flare-ups this week, thanks be to God.
4. Ezekiel 4:9 cinnamon raisin granola.
5. Wolfgang Puck organic chicken & egg noodle soup sprinkled with fresh ground pepper.

1. Nickel Creek covering Britney Spears's song "Toxic." FUNNY!
2. Johnny and the Smith Band in Alabama on a live web cast.
3. Kids singing their song and reciting Bible verses at the VBS performance today - adorable.
4. Thom Yorke's new CD, The Eraser. Freaking fabulous.
5. The inside of a seashell. The kids in my class were playing a game where they tried to guess what was inside of a brown paper bag; they all guessed this one correctly.

1. A new cake/pie carrier with handles - no cat paws in my last pie for the nurses!
2. Aubrey Organics sparkling mineral water herbal complexion mist. Yet another sample I could not refuse.
3. Rolling glue off my fingers.
4. Making mountains out of graham crackers, vanilla frosting, marshmallows, and blue sprinkles. I chose not to eat my mountain, but it was a fun, sticky mess.
5. Warm mug full of ginger tea.

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