Today I visited the Katy Farmers' Market which was birthed in June. My cow and goat milk suppliers are now alternating between Bayou City Farmers' Market and the one in Katy! Our little fridge can only hold so much fresh milk, so I am more than happy to visit both markets. And once we live in Katy and own a bigger fridge (Lord willing), I can stock up for two weeks at the Katy market.

In hindsight, I should have packed the camera. Just when I think Houston, and even Katy, are nothing but one big slab of concrete laced with traffic, I was relieved to see green. I took Westheimer Parkway all the way out to Mason Road which is a lovely drive - I use the same route for the Katy co-op every week. The road runs parallel to lush green trees and grass, and parks for people and dogs alike. Even warnings of deer crossings appear! I had slight difficulty locating the Katy Farmers' Market, but once I found the right direction boy was I surprised. I took a left past an elementary school into a magical portal, similar in effect to the Narnia Wardrobe. I drove past a few swanky Cinco Ranch houses and instantly happened upon a long, winding, dusty dirt road. Within finger's reach were more verdant trees. It felt like meandering aimlessly around the countryside which I love. I began to see signs for the YMCA campground where the market is located. Volleyball net to my left, soccer field to my right, then glorious trees. Dear sweet Lord, I am apparently starved for beauty!

The market was covered by majestic trees where the sun played hide and seek. Picnic tables rested here and there and green stretched out for miles. As I picked up my cow's milk, cheese, and butter order I chatted with Bob Stryk for a few minutes. I asked him if alternating between the two markets is better for their business and he said, Yes. And also, instead of hiring someone to go to one market while he and his wife go to the other, they would rather do it all themselves to meet and converse with customers. It is remarkable that they prefer relating to raw milk lovers personally instead of practicing supreme business efficiency. All of this to say it has been a rather idyllic Saturday. I may be an urban gal, but I'm trying my darndest to bring as much rurality into our life as possible.

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AHH! You're killing me with these posts :) Let's subscribe to Mary Jane's Farm and become farm girls foreva....