A Hundred Highways

Of course I rushed out to buy the latest Johnny Cash album produced by Rick Rubin: American V: A Hundred Highways. Not one ounce of disappointment. In fact, this album was the impetus for my adding "God's Gonna Cut You Down" to my MySpace profile (I wanted to add "Why Me Lord?", but I could not find the song anywhere on silly MySpace).* I usually think MyFriends' automatically-played songs on their profiles are annoying as hell, but now I've joined the fold. Click on this link to hear the great song for yourself.

I deeply miss Johnny Cash. When I see video footage or hear his voice, it feels like the loss of family. That may border on traits of a lunatic or future stalker, but I admired him and dare I say loved? I do know he's in Heaven along with my grandfather. Johnny Cash always did remind me of Papaw. I like to think they are sitting 'round Jesus's throne, swapping hymns and songs.

*7/18/06: I changed the song on my profile, and the song will change from time to time.

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March to the Sea said...

been on my wish list for ages now.. and its finally here. Going shopping this weekend myself!