Five Senses Friday, Day 13

1. A new Image journal in our mailbox!
2. My guitar back from the shop: clean, set up, and re-strung. Johnny and I both will learn to play. I started to a few years ago then delved into sloth. It's time to learn again!
3. A cat and kitten emerging from the bushes at the nursing home.
4. Sunshine - not rain!
5. O Brother Where Art Thou? on TV.

1. Brown rice cooking.
2. Burt's Bees Rosewater and Glycerin toner.
3. Pixie Chocolate Mate Solstice tea.
4. Mighty Leaf Vanilla Bean tea.
5. Roasted sweet potato fries baking in the oven.

1. Organic sparkling yerba mate!
2. Raw almond butter and honey sandwich.
3. Ethiopian food leftovers - I crave Blue Nile's red lentils.
4. Reunited with GT's Synergy Divine Grape Kombucha! Our nearby Whole Foods stocked up again.
5. Organic grade B maple syrup.

1. Johnny working with a music program making music inserts for our Church bulletin.
2. During Fr. Rusty's sermon at the nursing home, a patient named Helen stated emphatically that those who don't come to the feast "are idiots!" (in reference to Luke 14:16-24). She is a dear, funny lady.
3. The world waking up outside as I leave the porch door open every morning for Harley Cat.
4. Really horrid songs on a funny VH-1 show.
5. My friend Katy Bowser's new EP - All of My Friends! Both the music and packaging are ingenious. Order one to see for yourself - only $8.00 and today is the last day for free shipping!

1. Burt's Bees Pore-Refining mask. It makes me look like The Incredible Hulkette, but it works very well.
2. Happy Hippie lip & cuticle balm - a gift from my sweet husband (from one of his favorite places - Smoothie King).
3. New vitamins, thanks to information from Chief Executive Mom. I chose Garden of Life Living Multi.
4. Brushing sweet potato pieces with a raw butter-extra virgin olive oil-sea salt-fresh ground black pepper mix.
5. Washing lettuce and celery.

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Christine said...

Those sweet potatoes from that recipe are delicious!!! I love your Five Senses Fridays!