Five Senses Friday, Day 20

Twenty days of my five senses is quite a feat! Today will be the last consecutive Friday of senses, but not the last. I will post five senses on occasional Fridays, just not each one. In my opinion, I need to be writing more and listing less.

1. Dragonflies.
2. Hornets circling the porch. Which reminds me, last week a hornet barged into our apartment. Though Johnny is slightly allergic, he bravely grabbed a can of wasp spray and chased (as he called it) "The Machine" to its death. What did I do? I ran in the bathroom and closed the door. I did pray for Johnny's safety - I'm not a complete loser.
3. Sunset.
4. Domino magazine in our mailbox. I'm gathering more and more lovely ideas for our future house such as Donna Karan's spa bathroom (I wish; pages 158-159) and a wide glass vase of peonies (page 150).
5. Kierstin's photographs. Her camera skills and her writing (not to mention her friendship) are a large part of my daily inspiration.

1. Fresh banana peppers, 3 for $1.00.
2. Morning incense, for fragrance and to repel bugs.
3. Fresh basil.
4. Toasted almonds.
5. Papaw's bottle of Aramis cologne on my desk. One whiff and I'm sitting on his lap kissing his smooth, shaved cheek.

1. At the Katy Farmers' Market I tried a hibiscus flower petal dipped in honey which was actually tasty.
2. Jennie's Macaroons: simply egg whites, unsweetened coconut, and honey.
3. I've been able to enjoy morning COFFEE a few days lately! Specifically, my beloved French Market coffee with chicory. The aroma draws me to Aunt Denise's tapestry-covered kitchen nook table, looking at her front yard and the albino squirrels, listening to Austin morning radio.
4. I've also enjoyed merlot this week. Now that I can't have coffee or merlot every day, I appreciate both immensely.
5. Annie's cranberry coconut granola - worth every penny. I can't wait to order more.

1. Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight," a nice distraction while sitting in the dentist's chair, especially since every other song was as wretched as the scraping tool on my teeth.
2. Mars Hill Audio #80, specifically this essay: "Vigen Guroian, on the mystical character of fragrance and on why working in his garden is an imitation of the Master Gardener."
3. And issue #80 also featured Mozart.
4. Harley scratch-scratch-scratching in his litter box dome.
5. Driving home from Pilates I caught good tunes on KTRU's Chickenskin program: from my old folk days, Kate Campbell singing "Prayer of Thomas Merton;" a bluesy guy covering Jimi Hendrix's "Castles Made of Sand;" and Johnny Cash singing "I'm Free from the Chain Gang Now."

1. Petting a baby goat at the Farmers' Market.
2. Fuzzy kiwi.
3. Sore muscles from Pilates. My friend Allie worked us good and hard!
4. Placing a vegetable steamer in a silver pot - I steamed fresh green beans and tossed them in butter and toasted almonds.
5. Nuzzling my nose on Harley's forehead.

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