Oh S@#!

I am tired. We are trying to determine which of our immediate neighbors is leaving their TV on ALL NIGHT LONG. I'm a light sleeper, but since their telly woke Johnny up at 3:00 am, I knew we had a problem. When I lived in the studio apartment alone, I often fell asleep to TV for comfort, but it was a low hum, not a broadcast loud enough for my upstairs neighbor.

Along with the TV, I arrived home late last night after hanging out with a big group of women from our Church. We have Coffee Club once a month at different homes, and last night was my initiation. I picked up my friend Lorena and baby Judah, and we planned to stay 1-2 hours and zip home to our husbands. Oh no. We left Yanica's house at 11:45 pm after a fun night of nachos, shrimp, my organic brownies, cookies, cake, wine, and coffee, not to mention laughing our heads off. And I learned how to play Rummy! I am clue-less about card games (other than Slapjack), but I learned valuable information though I lost with a score of -35.

To further my whining, I am severely sore from Pilates. Every toss and turn in bed produces agony. I suppose this means Pilates is desperately necessary for my body; I'm working muscles I didn't know existed even after viewing Body Worlds. Oh, and due to my typical way of walking crooked - you don't want to stroll around a mall with me - I ran straight into our bathroom door frame, banging my left hand HARD. How in the hell? I don't have a bruise yet, but my hand is tender to touch.

So I rolled out of bed this morning, literally nearly fell off my side while shutting up the alarm clock, brewed coffee (tea is useless today), begged Johnny to accompany me to the Farmers' Market, and he agreed. We drove through light rain, picked up my orders, and drove back home in a torrential downpour. I plopped down on the couch and thought, Hmm, time to change my blog's clothes! I picked this simple blue dress; blue is my favorite color, you see. A pop-up window said something to the effect of, "This will change any customizations you've made, OK?" I thought Mr. Pop-Up meant.....well, I don't know what I thought he meant but NOW MY LINKS ARE GONE! My too-many alphabetized links are gone! By the time you read this, there might be a few, but why in God's good name did I not copy my links and paste them into the template?!

Now I'm off to buy cat food and Tylenol hoping the recent sunshine will improve my mood. Then I'm somehow supposed to do the Pilates exercises and ride a recumbent bike at the gym. After that, I promise to do Johnny's laundry since he leaves to play with Ross King tomorrow, but then I can't promise anything except lunch, a nap, and hopefully the World Trade Center movie with Johnny tonight.

And replacing my links all freaking day long.


Christine said...

It makes me giggle when you swear!

Auntie Denise said...

Never fear Jenni Loo Who!

Your blog is cached on Google with its old template and all your beloved links. Yay!

Better now?