I managed to find cheer yesterday though the rain spit on me all day while I ran errands and I had minor car trouble causing me to miss a doctor’s appointment that I could not reschedule ‘til March. Oh, and while sleeping I pulled my neck so badly that I can barely turn my head today. Poor me. Here is the cheer:

1. Jennifer's Homemade toasted almond biscotti. I live for biscotti dipped in coffee, and these are all-natural and help to end world hunger. I am very tempted to order a jar of chocolate chunk biscotti, a bag of rosemary flatbread, and sweet cinnamon flatbread!

2. EO hand soap. Whole Foods uses French lavender in their bathroom. I will buy rosemary & mint when we run out of our current sink side soap. The cobalt blue bottle doesn't hurt either.

3. Full Circle organic merlot - only $8.00!

4. Whole Foods’s 365 organic bottled mint green tea.

5. Independence Coffee roasted in Texas. Jet Fuel is on my list to buy after I dwindle down our current coffee supply which includes French Market coffee with chicory, Starbucks Christmas blend, and Archer Farms cinnamon vanilla nut.

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Christine said...

Cinnamon vanilla nut...mmmm :) I need to send you some 963 Coffee that Steven's company created - part of the proceeds benefit African Leadership & Blood:Water Mission! Look at this page...