My "New" Favorite Band

You know a band is great when they can hook you with one song. I heard "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" on either a Paste Podcast or an NPR Podcast and I instantly became a big fan of Arcade Fire. I love the guy's voice (a little bit Robert Smith), their sound, diverse instruments - the whole package. I finally got around to purchasing Funeral and lo and behold, Neon Bible comes out on March 6th!

I was flipping around the TV on Saturday night eventually to hear funny Rainn Wilson from the The Office announce, "Ladies and gentlemen, Arcade Fire." I don't think SNL is funny anymore and bands rarely sound good on that show yet Arcade Fire's performance of "Intervention" was wow-worthy. I posted a link to a YouTube video of the performance yesterday, but the footage has since been removed due to copyright issues. That's a shame because I cannot find another YouTube video with similar audio and video quality. You will just have to purchase Neon Bible along with me to hear the grand song.

"Intervention" does something quite powerful to me internally of which the description escapes me today. I think it is what beauty does to all of us when least expected, and unavoidable evidence that God exists. Where else would great music, sunsets, newborn babies, your spouse's eyes, color, mountains, red pears, calla lilies, black olives, sunlight, a kitten, or countless other examples flow from?

Needless to say I'm on my knees praying Arcade Fire will play in Houston. Please, God.


March to the Sea said...

No texas dates yet. I would HIGHLY suggest you keep your ear to the ground regarding shows near you. The boston show went on sale last week and it sold out in less than 10 minutes. They are pretty hot right now for sure. I saw them on the Funeral tour and they were very very good. I am going to post my boston recording of them from that tour in a week or so. I have a massive FDF going up this week and don't have a done of space to post and allow for downloads (using free service for now). Anyhow..they are great. You can order the new cd for 8.99 off the cd trading site

allison said...

A fabulous website too!
I've been listening to Matt Sweeney and Bonnie Prince Billy's Superwolf and can't get enough of it.