Recent Joy

My little brother turned 29 years old. Though he is now a smart, handsome young man, I sometimes see him as the little boy with a bowl haircut who needed me to translate his toddler-speak to our parents.

My parents drove into town and we took my brother to Cantina Laredo and ordered an appetizer of fresh guacamole made right by our table.

New pictures of my friend Kierstin's baby boy, Eli!

This blog, and this project which I hope will resume so I can participate.

Milo Kitten lost his first baby tooth. I didn't even know kittens lost baby teeth. It was the cutest tiny tooth I'd ever seen. We need to take new pictures of him soon.

Neon Bible is fantastic!

So was 300.

The visuals of Marie Antoinette. And hearing The Cure in the soundtrack.

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! It is a literal God-send. Two-story, corner lot, pine trees, lots of inside light, a large detached garage perfect for Johnny's drum studio, and a small writing room upstairs for me. Good price and in great shape. We are now perusing paint and bamboo floor colors and West Elm furniture. And trying to be patient since we close on April 2nd and are ready to move in now.

This basket I purchased for the stack of home decorating magazines my Mom bestowed to me. The basket smells wonderful.

Among the magazines, Natural Home which might warrant a subscription.

The Method omop, hallelujah. Goodbye, probably-toxic Swiffer!


Christine said...

Those are a lot of joyful things! I want that magazine, too! :)

Kerry Robb said...

HOW GREAT is Neon Bible? It's going to be my album for March's monthly meal. Also, I just saw Marie Antoinette, and I NEED the soundtrack. Congrats on the new house!

allison said...

Congrats on a Room/House/garden of your own! I can't wait for photos.

Jenni said...

Thanks, y'all!