Five Senses Friday Revisited (Day 22)

1. The vast expanse of IKEA.
2. Johnny just standing there, making a face when I turned around. Gosh, that's never happened before.
3. A pendant lamp shade we liked.
4. A cricket match on TV (India vs. China) at the authentic Indian & Pakistani restaurant (The Royal) where we lunched.
5. The long row of spices in the grocery store right next door. And all the tea. I recanted my organic standards when I laid eyes on a 50-count box of Twinings Assam tea. Assam is my favorite black tea. I gave in.

1. Johnny's goat masala and my chicken korma.
2. Sandalwood powder in the grocery store.
3. As well as almond and milk soap.
4. Amazing EO French Lavender hand soap placed in our Whole Foods shopping basket.
5. Harley Cat's stinky Fancy Feast (salmon & shrimp in gravy) which he savored when we arrived home.

1. The Royal served the best chai ever.
2. Their raita (a yogurt dip to cool your tongue), heavy on cumin - very tasty.
3. The food was much different than our beloved Shiva, but excellent. I will gladly go back. I could taste cinnamon in my dish.
4. Lychee soda Johnny picked at the grocery store, also very tasty.
5. WOW peppermint breath drops. Talk about fresh breath.

1. In the car, Johnny played me a CD by his tabla teacher, David Courtney, and David's wife, Chandra - she sings, plays tanpura, and sitar.
2. Then we listened to the new Paste sampler CD.
3. And a few of my recent song addictions which I won't list again.
4. 80's music at IKEA.
5. Johnny laughing and saying, "Just pick a soap!" as I read each label trying to find one without parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc.. It should not be that hard to do at Whole Foods.

1. Eating Indian food with my hand, using naan (bread).
2. Bamboo floor samples at Home Depot.
3. A miniature chair I just had to have at IKEA.
4. Johnny and I laughing at stupid things due to delirium/lack of sleep (thanks, Harley). I could not stop at Whole Foods - I lost it!
5. Petting Milo's little rump as he ate dinner and purred.


Johnny! said...

Mumuh muh muh mumuh.

Beckye said...

Have y'all looked at the bamboo flooring at Costco? May not be what you're looking for; I dunno! Worth checking!

Chris said...

Ahhhh...Lychee...yum!!! I spoted some in Hong Kong and was amazed at their appearance. It reminded me of sweet gum balls that the kids used to throw at each other once upon a time. Then a few days later we were at a picnic and given some to eat. So sweet yet refreshing. The opposite of their spikey interior. Lychee wa the fruit of was transported by horseback with non-stop riders to the emperor in ancient China. Apparently it spoils quickly.