Milo Asleep

While Johnny was in a Skype meeting with other musicians around the country just moments ago, I snapped Photo Booth pics of Milo asleep, curled up next to me. I've decided I cannot stop with Photo Booth right now - maybe it is a side effect of recent Valium usage?

These were my first attempts:

Then I wised up and turned down the sound so the beeping would not disturb his slumber. Success:

Milo yawning which always reminds me of his 2-week-old face when he chirped like a bird:

Milo awake against his will; I tugged at his foot to wake him up. I'm just like that:

Harley is next. He will be more of a challenge, mainly because lately he sleeps on top of the armoire and I am short.


Johnny! said...

I looooove that boy!

Jenni's Mom said...

Milo is a beautiful baby kitty. I love the fact that he loves the blanket that sweet Sandy gave you and Johnny. Give him a hug for me.