Photo Booth

Once I received a black MacBook, I knew the inevitable would happen... Play time with Photo Booth!

Sleepy and hypnotized by the computer's glow:

A la Andy Warhol:

Trying to imagine a [boring] graphic novel about my life:

Or trapped in an A-ha video (I actually like that song - is that so wrong?):

The possibilities are endless and I'm afraid you might see more.


Jenni's Mom said...

Please keep these coming. My fave is the a la Andy Warhol. Can you send these to me so I can make copies?

Ordinary Muse said...

That is so wonderful. We have spent many a family night taking crazy pictures of ourselves with our MAC. Best entertainment we have had in a long time, and not for lack of anything better to do. My favorites are the warp ones that make even the skinniest person look grossly obese.

Katy Hutson said...

I love that song. It used to make cry.

Jenni said...

Mom - Yes ma'am.

Muse - I love the warp ones, too! I wasn't brave enough to post those yet, but I looked like a freak and cracked myself up.

Katy - I feel better knowing you love that song, too. So does Johnny.

Johnny! said...

You're hot in any medium.