While I Stepped Away

Johnny uses a very nice Apple computer, but he is not as fortunate to have Photo Booth. While I was in the shower today, apparently he had a little fun on my laptop. Look what I discovered:

What I love about these pictures is that whenever Johnny is in a goofy mood making faces (which is often), he always looks upward. Since I sometimes take life too seriously and experience his behavior 24-7 I say, "What the hell are you looking at? What's up there?" But then I can't help myself and start laughing. Thank God Johnny takes life less seriously. The fact that I am my Mother's daughter offers great hope I will veer towards crazy (in a good way) with each passing year. To be completely honest, I am half way there. It's just that my reserved and shy personality saves my insanity for special occasions.

I promise we will stop with the Photo Booth, or at least stop posting the pictures on my blog. Well, I'd like to take a cute one of us together. So I might not stop. C'mon, you know it's fun. Remember old school photo booths requiring quarters? Those are the best!


Jenni's Mom said...

It's time to celebrate your inherited craziness!! Enjoy!! I like the pictures, so keep them coming.

Beckye said...

Don't stop the pictures!! They're great!!

And Johnny's are hilarious!! LOVE those!


Johnny! said...
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Johnny! said...

Like this?