Oh Heavenly Day

Today is looking up, people. Slept late without Valium. Burned frankincense. Great e-mail day. I ate a delicious Bartlett pear. And a square of dark chocolate. A hilariously sweet voice mail from my Mom listing a myriad of things she loves about me making me laugh because she just makes me laugh. If there is anything sweet in my character, it is due to her gene pool. My Dad is a very great man, and kind, but my Mom defines "sweet." My recent writing, particularly about panic attacks, left her very concerned for my possible delve into depression. See Mom? Today is a good day!

No back pain except a minuscule twinge while stretching. No panic. Johnny and I revisited our old haunt - the gym. I only did the stationary bike for 30 minutes, but hey, that is better than the stationary couch. Of course, since I've been sedentary, the bike left my legs very weak. This is sad. However, it felt lovely to be active on any level. While bike-riding I listened to Arcade Fire, Ray LaMontagne, Rocco DeLuca and the Burden, and Arcade Fire again - I can't seem to shake those guys - and people-watched. I will people-watch anywhere, anytime, but the gym is replete with people to spy on as they are otherwise occupied with reps and sweat. Today I saw my former bookstore boss's doppelganger except that he is taller than my old boss. I also saw Tony Danza! Ok, not really, but he looked exactly like Tony Danza.

More singing, serenading the cats:
"Apple Tree" (Anna Egge).
"The Story" (Brandi Carlile. I tried, at least - man, she has a powerful voice).
"All My Tears" (Emmylou Harris; written by Julie Miller - one of my all-time favorite songs).

Now I sit resting again, brewing a mug of chai spice yerba mate. I'm watching my new favorite TV show - Get Fresh With Sara Snow. Minus her ardent love for dietary soy, I dig her organic/natural lifestyle tips. I did not clean the bathroom. The big mirror looks like a Jackson Pollock painting except that instead of dripping paint on the mirror, our cat and kitten splash water on it when we allow them to drink from the sink faucet. The mirror and the whole bathroom need a good polish which is on my agenda for tomorrow as well as more house paint/floor shopping, and Indian food at a delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurant Johnny discovered via his tabla teacher. When I read this article about mouth-watering Ethiopian food, I begged Johnny to take me to the Blue Nile (I constantly crave their red lentils and honey wine), but I will never turn down Indian food. Friday should be another Heavenly Day, like today, Lord willing.

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