Eastertide Joy

Our French press full of Java Maté Dark Roast (with stevia) to start off the early morning.

Lavender oil in my car diffuser.

Easter lilies on the altar.

Incense tickled my nose.

Finding mascara dots under my eyes after Church - a few tears of joy listening to everyone sing loud enough to shake the rafters and watching my husband do the same as he played djembe.

A feast afterwards - Texan Church potluck food is the best. I provided bright yellow buttermilk pies (due to beautiful, organic brown eggs from the co-op) which were not my best pies ever, but they would still make Papaw proud.

Watching the Church kids hunt for hidden Easter eggs outside. Our toddler Godson, Judah, cleaned up!

A nap with my husband.

Purchasing "Easter Song" by Keith Green (from iTunes) in all its 70's old school charm. My Dad played Keith Green a lot when I was a tyke. Johnny tells me our friend Frank can sing the pants off that song - I'd love to hear.

A current batch of French-pressed Java Maté Dark Roast - this time with local, raw honey.

Time to read, right after I post this short piece.

Our Lenten fast is over! My nightcap of choice: Frey Syrah 2005. Johnny's: a Tito's vodka martini.

Happy Easter everyone - Jesus is risen!


allison said...

THAT is a lovely photo!
and I love that song too--it was new school when I first heard it!
Congrats on your new writing gig, btw!

Jenni said...

Well, I did not take that photo. I lifted it from what seemed like an ethical source, though perhaps I should note the reference?

Thanks for the congrats!