Good Shoes

We all know my back sucks. In addition to stretching and exercising, I decided it is time to invest in shoes that are kind to my back, i.e., that have good arch support. Payless offers very cute styles but zilch arch support. The same goes for my beloved Chinese cloth Mary Janes from Pearl River. Sniff.

But I don't have to cry for long. Seeing as I've had my sneakers for over a decade and the soles are coming apart, last night I purchased a pair of New Balance cross-training sneakers for the gym/walking and these casual beauties by Skechers:

The Skechers felt so good on my lower back that I wore them out of the store as we left to shop for a new pillow, another must-have for my iffy back; my current hand-me-down pillow is as flat as a sheet. I actually laid down on the floor in the store and tried each pillow. I chose a Serta for stomach-sleepers, but last night it was not as comfy as I predicted. I want to return or exchange it though I'd love to find an organic pillow which would also be good for my asthmatic lungs. Any suggestions?

In addition, I ordered these pricey Dansko Mary Janes from Footprints:

When I worked at Whole Earth Provisions Co. and wore Birkenstocks 24-7 (lovely wholesale discount), they lasted for at least 10 years. We also sold Dansko's which lasted just as long. My back is worth it and Footprints' "two month mail order test walk" is hard to beat. I like to sit on the couch by choice, not as a prison of back pain, and sometimes quality costs a bit more. Plus, why not put that money towards shoes and not physical therapist bills?


Kimberly said...

I love the Sketcher's Mary Janes... I've been wanting a pair for some time now. Hope you enjoy them. Let me know if they are worth the money in a month or so.

Christine said...

I have those exact brown sketchers, and I can testify that they are very comfy and last a long time! I wore them all over NYC! My mom just bought a black pair and a white pair too :)

Jenni said...

I'm glad you say that, Stine, because I purchased them on a whim. I'd love them in black and navy, too.