Today I went back to the dentist for a filling patch and mouth guard adjustment. I had no desire to go since I am still opening my mouth as little as possible. Everything went fine and the hygienist recommended glucosamine liquid to ease my jaw discomfort. God shed light on my predicament via that information and some improvement. This was desperately needed as I cried myself to sleep last night. Not due to pain, but from sheer frustration, lack of nutritious food, lack of sleep, and serious lack of trusting God. So many of my physical woes are usually a symptom of a much larger problem: that I trust comfort and painlessness more than I trust God. In fact, I've been listening to fantastic John Piper Podcasts that have kicked my worrisome butt in a prime spot. While preaching, he mentioned a brilliant quote by Malcolm Muggeridge pertaining to pain that I will have to share at some point soon.

For fun and consolation I drove to the peace-filled house after the dentist. Johnny is busy recording today, so it was just me and the casa. I went to see some of the furniture that was delivered and a few pieces that Johnny assembled. The rest is backordered and that is OK.

Coffee table:

One section of the living room sofa:

I sat on this comfortable chair and read the Psalms (the chair was 30% off, by the way):

Then I walked around pretending like I was a good photographer. The laundry room is the same color as the kitchen, and might give you a better idea of that particular hue:

Why look - here is a toilet! It is the bathroom located off the laundry room; this powder room's color is the same as the entry way and one half of the dining room. I don't know how y'all feel about repeating colors, but to us it is a form of simplicity as well as continuity:

Back in the kitchen, I tried to capture the cobalt blue accent on the backsplash. I love how it looks next to the paint. It seems an unconventional match, but hey, I like things that way:

Here is a view from the stairs. I am rather excited about those stairs. My small writing room is upstairs, so I will be forced to walk up and down often and hopefully whittle down my curves a bit:

I can't believe I posted that picture of myself because I look like death sunny-side up today. I slept maybe 3 hours last night and I've been living on oatmeal, raw milk, Smoothie King (not organic at all, but I don't care right now), yogurt, and Bonterra merlot. 2 glasses at night. It is not my preferred diet yet it could be much worse, and I am sincerely thankful for any sustenance and the ability to talk - but just a little. I think God wants me to shut up and listen.


JV said...

your house looks lovely. the floors looks great too. i've been looking at flooring the last few days and am leaning toward bamboo as well, if given the opportunity to redo some flooring.

Christine said...

The calming blue/green is just lovely! Kind of like your blog background right now. And love the dark wood of the coffeetable and the livingroom seating. Your house will be VERY peaceful and welcoming, I'm sure, in true Jenni & Johnny style....

Jenni said...

Thanks! JV, bamboo is such a good choice. And Stine, I love that color, too - I think it's my favorite in the house. Johnny's is the living room green. Y'all are both welcome to visit...