In Transition

Yesterday Johnny dutifully carted off cleaning supplies to the house while I visited the dentist for a teeth cleaning. I took lunch to him after my teeth were polished. We sat on the dining room bamboo floor with beef and blue cheese salads. I'm recovering from a TMJ flare-up, but I eat slowly anyway, so as Johnny zipped off to caulk the master bathroom tub, I chewed slowly and watched a cardinal perch on the bottlebrush tree by the window. I listened to birds chirp all around the house. I soaked in the trees across the street not missing our view of electric wires outside the apartment. We hope to be sleeping in our new house by this weekend, but nonetheless, we will move and be dwelling in our "mansion" by April 30th, hallelujah!

Some of you have already seen the following pictures on my Flickr page, but for those of you still curious, here is what our house looked like yesterday, a beautiful gray day in Houston...

The front door:

The dining room:

The dining room pendant lamp still wrapped in plastic:

The kitchen:

This cloth will hang somewhere in the kitchen:

We will use these coasters on the breakfast nook table; there is a small cobalt blue accent on the kitchen's white tile backsplash:

The breakfast nook pendant lamp waiting to be hung:

The living room:

The master bedroom:

The master bath:

The master bath window curtain:

Cleaning supplies:


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful house! Congratulations!

kimberly said...

Jenni, as you already know, I'm so happy for you guys and I love the house. What a wonderful use of colors in the rooms.