Fair Trade in Katy, TX

I look tired today because I am exhausted. We all know I don't get to bed on time when Johnny's on the road, so thank God he is driving back as I type. Plus, sweet little Milo is more nocturnal than me. Johnny and I have started hiding noisy cat toys in kitchen drawers at night, but if we forget and leave one upstairs, Milo or Harley is sure to bring it downstairs and bat it around our bedroom floor (bamboo) which provides lovely echo acoustics in the dead of night. Milo's favorite toy is a receipt. When I record one in our checkbook, I crumple it up and throw it as far as I'm able. Milo lives and breathes for this game. He sprints to the little paper ball and loses his mind. It is adorable and all, but he also kicks the receipts down each stair step and once he reaches the ground, you'd be surprised how loud paper + kitten can be on bamboo and tile floors.

So I haven't slept much this weekend and it is evident. No concealer is able to cover my dark circles. Today is House-Cleaning day, but I must fit in a short nap somewhere in order to be coherent with Johnny this evening. And this morning I had to wake early to pick up milk. I so did not want to hear the shrill alarm clock that early on a Saturday. I pried myself out of bed, took a shower, toasted organic blueberry waffles for breakfast, and sipped peach tea for dear life. Sadly, coffee is a rare treat for me these days. Daily java rips apart my lame stomach. But as I drove towards the milk-pick up location, I was hurting all over from sleep deprivation. In order to drive safely, I knew coffee was necessary and just the special occasion for which I've been abstaining. I stopped by one of my favorite discoveries since moving to Katy: Port City Java. They whip up organic smoothies and always have an organic & fair trade daily brew ready to pour. Strangely, they don't regularly offer organic milk, but the manager of the local Katy café replied to my e-mail, offering to carry it for the likes of me. Excellent customer service!

Today I ordered a small Fairganic blend and inhaled the aroma, thanking God. There is nothing like the scent or taste of coffee. Nothing. Coffee plus a few more spins of the Paste sampler - Amy LaVere, The Avett Brothers, Joseph Arthur & The Lonely Astronauts, Keren Ann, Chris Knight, Rosie Thomas - carried me to and fro with safety and energy. I might even have a little cleaning in me before nap time. Thankfully, the cats are also napping right now, not a receipt in sight.


Tonyjava said...

"There is nothing like the scent or taste of coffee. "

No truer words have ever been written.

allison said...

I love that photo. You look quite mocha!