Five Senses Friday Revisited (Day 23)

1. This Arcade Fire video my brother sent me. Wow.
2. Peonies at Whole Foods.
3. A new book, one I've wanted for several years: Gravity & Grace by Simone Weil.
4. A sunset (while taking a walk).
5. Le Corbusier's Church of St. Pierre in The World of Interiors magazine.

1. A magnolia tree.
2. Our gardenia bushes.
3. Cool Texas air.
4. Pear Dishmate soap.
5. Two bars of [Chinese] Fan brand laundry soap wrapped in vintage-looking paper, from a friend - part of a fun surprise in our mailbox (a thank you note is on the way)! Does anyone know how to use it? I want to save one for decoration, but I'd like to try one for fun.

1. Grilled salmon, teriyaki sweet potatoes, and green beans at Whole Foods.
2. Central Market Organics Vinaigrette de Provence salad dressing.
3. Garlic naan.
4. Dark chocolate.
5. My new favorite Merlot.

1. Great Lake Swimmers on the latest Paste sampler.
2. And Mavis Staples.
3. The Places on NPR's Open Mic Podcast.
4. Harley and Milo running up the stairs and all around the second floor.
5. Jeremy Casella's fantastic forthcoming CD - Recovery. I plan to blog about it in more detail soon.

1. My favorite spot to kiss Milo Kitten - behind his ears.
2. Getting my eyebrows ripped off (waxed) and while there, buying new gloPressed base (in golden-light).
3. Using my To-Go Ware utensil set for the first time at Whole Foods today.
4. The absence of my mouth guard all day long - I am getting better! Adios, TMJ.
5. New mugs from Target.

1 comment:

kimberly said...

I'm happy to hear that the TMJ is getting better! You deserve a much needed break from that.

Also, cheers to the new coffee place! That is truly great customer service.