We transferred our gym membership to a closer location and I'm excited about getting back into a routine. I am looking forward to long walks in our neighborhood, too. This evening we stepped out the door for a short walk (and a few pictures taken by Johnny).

From our front yard:

One of the many gardenia bushes in our front yard. My Mom taught us the art of deadheading brown, wilted blooms which we also did this evening. The thriving gardenias were so fragrant as we gently pulled off the dead flowers in order to allow for more blooms later:

Other than that, we know absolutely nothing about caring for flower beds as is evident by a dead bush we need to pull out and replace with hibiscus or maybe irises. Or more roses. We are now accepting flower bed advice and reference book suggestions.

While walking, Johnny informed me that this grassy nook is exactly the type of place he played in as a little boy:

To the left of the nook, a brand new trail right around the corner from our house. It goes a long, long way to Cullen Park, and on to a shady, verdant trail that would cause you to forget our Houston/Katy location. I can hardly wait to put on sneakers, pack water, and go:

A pretty sun-kissed field on the way back home:


Christine said...

Your neighborhood looks so lovely and peaceful.

Tonyjava said...

Along with the dead-heading, Michelle grabs 3-4 blooms (while gloved because the oils on your fingers turn the bloom prematurly brown)ands puts them in a antique bolw of water to "smeel up the house". Looks like you guys have a great place there.