Five Senses Friday Revisited (Day 24)

1. Reading "Finding Our Names" by Leslie Leyland Fields in the new Image journal (#54).
2. I'm reading a lot this week; "A Writer's Bed" by Rova Mirvis in the new Poets & Writers magazine (July/August 2007).
3. A Gaiam catalog in our mailbox.
4. And a West Elm catalog.
5. Two new episodes of Get Fresh With Sara Snow yesterday chock full of goodness such as the band Gomez, the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car?, Mas (farmhouse) in New York City, CocoaVino (I SO will place an order), and Vivavi.

1. Zum mist in frankincense & myrrh. We use this in our bathroom, but I also use it as a body spray.
2. A grapefruit.
3. An orange.
4. Strawberries.
5. Ecos magnolia & lilies laundry liquid.

1. Not to be redundant, but that grapefruit for breakfast (along with scrambled eggs).
2. And those organic strawberries, holy moly.
3. This is a repeat, too: Vanilla nut yerba maté with honey.
4. Kelp powder sprinkled on a big salad. It may sound gross to some of you, but it merely tastes like salt with a slight scent of the ocean. Kelp is highly nutritious.
5. Organic carrot juice.

1. Hard-working men mowing our lawn right now. We will buy a lawn mower soon, but for now, we are grateful for these guys.
2. The Writer's Almanac Podcast. It's lovely to hear poetry first thing in the morning.
3. And the Fresh Air Podcast! I found this via Jeremy Casella's blog and I'm so happy. I especially love the Sunday edition of this radio show which I'm only able to hear if I'm running late to the nursing home before Church, and I ought not to run late.
4. Speaking of Jeremy, I have a few songs from his newest album, Recovery, in my head: "Distress Signal", "Born Again", and "Freight Train."
5. Muffled sounds through cotton in my ears...

1. ...due to ear drops; two remedies.
2. Kissing Johnny good-bye as he left for Missouri with The Smith Band. Sniff.
3. Kissing Harley's and Milo's foreheads.
4. Cleaning off yesterday's mascara with Aubrey Organics Herbessence makeup remover.
5. Picking up every single item Milo knocked off the kitchen counter during his "morning crazy time." Thankfully, each item was made of paper.


Christine said...

Love all your bloggin' lately! Who's starting that new mag?

allison said...

Where in MO is Johnny playing?!!