Kerry of Sustainable Scoop fame asked me to write a little about myself so that her readers can answer the question, "Who are these guest bloggers?" It's awkward to see such a big picture of my face (Kerry's photo choice), but it's fun to read more about Kerry and her husband Ted (below my bio), both great folks I'd love to meet in person. It's been a true pleasure to work for Kerry, and I continue to learn so much from the Robbs in the ways of natural living each week. Plus, they are very funny.

Do you know what else is fun? I'll tell you. I've mentioned my love for Pangea Organics before, specifically their French Rosemary/Sweet Orange facial toner. I found The Sustainable Scoop through Pangea Organics, by the way. Sadly, our local Whole Foods doesn't carry the aromatic toner anymore, so I placed an order on Pangea's site. My shipment arrived yesterday and there was my beloved facial toner in a nifty mod-eco-looking box. AND, I can actually plant that box and Genovese "Italian" sweet basil will grow! I'm not kidding. I just soak the box for one minute, plant it 1" deep in soil, water often, and we will have sweet basil for culinary needs. That is sheer genius. It further proves my theory that while Pangea Organics is a tad expensive, their products are worth every penny because they treat my skin well, smell wonderful, and I receive free herbs. Not to mention most of their packaging is recyclable, they support sustainable agriculture, and they source fair trade ingredients. I'm smitten. I also ordered the Italian Red Mandarin/Roses facial cream (a high recommendation from Kerry) and Pyrenees Lavender/Cardamom shower gel - Johnny might like that, too, due to his love of cardamom.

Though I must say, we will have to plant our basil-box outside because I discovered that our felines love to nibble on leaves. In fact, I purchased the most beautiful and fragrant fresh eucalyptus stems from Whole Foods, but then I read they are toxic to cats. I moved the eucalyptus from the kitchen to my writing room, arranged in blue glass jars and an olive green pitcher. That way, I can monitor the cats' interaction with the plants and enjoy the scent as I write.

Heck, I'll save up for Pangea's Japanese Matcha Tea with AcaĆ­ & Goji Berry facial mask. Home spa, here I come.


Beckye said...

I love the picture she chose! :) That Pangea Organics stuff sounds interesting. I may have to try some of it. They have a pretty good writer doing product descriptions. :D

Jenni's Mama said...

Loved the picture and the bio info. (Don't forget the bran brownies and the desire to have a cow in our backyard.)