Too Short and Sweet

My Sustainable Scoop post is up today, but it didn't go as well as planned. It's an interview with one of the authors of The Green Book; the author that participated was Elizabeth Rogers. They approached us and told me to e-mail 5-6 questions that could be answered in-depth. However, I wanted to Elizabeth to go deeper.

I'm no interview expert, but I've done a few and the best ones read like a good, long conversation. At least that's my goal with each of my interviews. For example, Sara Snow invested a lot of time into our interview, and it shows. The other interview I'm working on right now (with a musician) is turning out to be longer than I imagined, but to me, that is great. I actually encourage interviewees to talk a lot. I love to listen, and the beauty of print interviews is that I can edit both them and myself, so it's better to have a lot of material to whittle. Believe me, the forthcoming interview will be a much better read.

I'm not trying to dissuade anybody from buying The Green Book - you might find helpful tidbits in its pages.

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