Johnny is a very young 40 today! His Mom (I get to call her Lola), sister, and nephew are staying with us, and they've been helping me A LOT with big par-tay preparations for tonight. In fact, with my current, lovely health status, there is no way a party could happen without each of them. I have the best in-laws ever - they are truly part of my family.

I hope to capture the festivities on film, but for now, here is one of the many sides of my husband that I love - his absurd, silly side:

Of course, he is also very handsome and sweet, even when Milo is trying to eat his tortilla chips:

Johnny, I expect 40-60 more years together (or even more), you hear me? Happy birthday! I love you.


Christine said...

So sweet :) I'm definitely on the Jenni & Johnny train.

allison said...

Happy Birthday Johnny!

Tonyjava said...

That's some guy you've got there, Mrs. Simmons.

Jenni's Mom said...

Love the new pics of a mature(?) Johnny Angel. May the celebration continue!