Drinking Birds

My bird admiration continues. I choose to call it admiration vs. obsession. We did buy our new dresser (in chocolate) last night and since we were nearby the ethereal dream that is Anthropologie, I begged Johnny to let us browse before dinner.* He kindly obliged and I circled the store loving almost every house ware and clothing item. My casual wear is normally the same old T-shirts and jeans, yet I'm ready for a change. I could have purchased several outfits at Anthropologie except that they are so expensive. My favorite blouse and "vintage" cardigan set cost around $200! We left with the two "Whimsical Bird" tumblers pictured above (next to a rain-dripped window in our kitchen). Back at home, we discovered that our dresser was missing a handle. We think for that price it should have all six handles, so West Elm set one aside. Johnny will truck over there after he teaches today and he's even picking up two more bird glasses just for me. You know, since he'll be in the area again.

My other fashion interest lately is the simplicity of Eileen Fisher. She is expensive, too. And last night as we walked by Banana Republic's windows, I decided that if I ever need a very nice dress for a special occasion, I will try on a frock from that store. So my question for the female readers is: for those of you with similar fashion tastes, do you fork over the money for such clothes because they are classic and made well? Or do you have a secret source for cheaper versions? And what are your favorite brand of flattering jeans? Please leave comments.

Can you tell I'm not a fashionista? Perhaps I should resume thrift store shopping! I used to love to browse thrift shoppes. Hey, don't even think about signing me up for What Not to Wear. I have a friend who would love to be on that show, but I have no desire to be on TV. None. Sorry Stacy and Clinton.

* As reruns of Mad About You flickered on TV at our favorite Ethiopian restaurant, Johnny and I agreed that we unabashedly love that old TV show as well as the Brat Pack movies. I offered several important scenes from Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club and though technically not a Brat Pack flick, Johnny argued a strong case for Weird Science. Don't forget Sixteen Candles! We also confessed crushes from that era. Me: James Spader and Judd Nelson. Johnny: Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club; no to Molly Ringwald. Just so you know.

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Christine said...

Pretty In Pink and Breakfast Club are absolute classics!!

For fashion....Anthropologie has really good clothing sales, as does Urban Outfitters from time to time. As well as GAP. I got a $60 skirt at the GAP the other day for $9.97. Yes ma'am. But I think thrift stores are a great idea. Go to one in a really nice part of town where the rich ladies resell their stuff, and you can probably find the clothes you like for less than half the price! We have a place like that here called Buffalo Exchange, but it's more funky/trendy. They do have designer jeans for like $40.