Praying For Hummingbirds

Today I visited an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist and thankfully nothing serious was discovered. I merely have throat irritation due to heartburn and acid reflux (from the steroid prescribed for hives) which two weeks of over-the-counter medicine should cure. However, you have not lived until you've had your nostrils sprayed with anaesthestic to numb your throat and gag reflex, and a scope inserted into your nose down to your throat for photographs. Johnny was fascinated, but I was horrified. It was not painful, but now that I've crossed that experience off my list, I can't say that I want to do it again anytime soon.

The day improved this afternoon as we stepped outside for sunshine. I've been looking for just the right bird feeder to suit my artistic leanings. I found a blue glass Dew Drop "Ruffle" hummingbird feeder at Whole Earth - we hung it right outside of a kitchen window, under our bottlebrush tree:

My hot husband trimmed the bushes:

I deadheaded more roses and tried to improve my photography skills:

I admired and inhaled new gardenia blooms. Can you see that spiderweb string? Could that belong to our colony of wolf spiders?

Johnny tore down a small, scraggly tree planted by the previous owners in our left-front flower bed. We gave it a few months, but the poor guy just didn't make it. Johnny allowed a few roots to remain because they are nearly connected to these green leaves and new, mystery purple petals:

This is one of our solar lights, also installed by the previous owners, but highly appreciated by the likes of me. They stand guard around the perimeter of our house, soak in sunshine during the day, and emit soft light at night:

We have no idea what this green plant is, but we love it - it's very Hotel San José:

Back inside to escape the heat, we snapped a picture of three "new" used books ($18). Johnny took me to a bookstore after the doctor since I endured invasion to my nose and throat fairly well. We stopped by Katy Budget Books on the way home; I was most excited about that Buechner book because it's out of print and a friend told me it is a must-read:

I only own two purses. I love both, but one is too small, and one is too big and heavy - prone to set off my TMJ. So I picked up a new lightweight (and reversible!) summery bag - isn't it cute? Now I have three:

An item of blue glass (with a melted beeswax votive inside) that never ceases to cheer me, along with that faithful bird:

Bamboo kitchen utensils:

I adore this kitchen towel, a housewarming gift from a friend:

My standard blurry photography, but isn't Harley pretty?

Lastly, a new notepad hiding my weary face. A recycled paper notepad, no less! I am forever making lists + I love the art of Nikki McClure:

So that was our day, filled with simple pleasures. Tomorrow night we have a nighttime date for Ethiopian food and a new dresser (sorely needed as our socks and underthings are currently on the closet floor), but tonight after Johnny finishes teaching drum lessons, we will nestle in, read, relax, and thank God for good health and His grace.

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Christine said...

The one with the purple flower is a Mexican petunia! They spread, too. Beautiful flowers and shrubbery you have, my dear.