Healthier for Your Lungs

My aunt told me about Art-o-Mat once before, but somehow the information slipped my mind. Last night I flipped through the new issue of Paste (unfortunately, Kanye West is on the cover), and there was Art-o-Mat in its pages! I adore the idea: refurbished vintage cigarette machines filled with small pieces of original art for $5.00 each. I think all of the Art-o-Mat machines are works of art themselves. The picture to your left is a machine at Emerge Gallery in Greenville, NC.

I'm ecstatic to know there is an Art-o-Mat machine in Houston at DiverseWorks! I've yet to visit DiverseWorks, but I've been meaning to, so I ought to head over soon and buy a few pocket-sized pieces of art. Y'all should, too - check here to see if you have an Art-o-Mat in your city.

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