I sort of went on an online shopping spree last week. I only feel partially guilty because nothing was exorbitant. I previously mentioned that I ordered a Lotta Jansdotter calendar on sale. It arrived yesterday evening along with a set of Lotta sticky notes:

The morning light flirted with our camera, but I love that salmon hue of the July/August page. I also love how the blue and brown colors complement our cucina. And I'm enthralled by Lotta Jansdotter's art. Simply modern, peaceful, and organic, it seems to me. A checkbook cover is still on my wish list as is this table linen set that would be absolutely perfect in our dining room. Uh oh - cute mugs on sale, too. I'm not looking.

I've also mentioned my admiration of the name Jansdotter. Here it says her real name is Lotta Jansson. In the September/October 2007 Blueprint, she is featured in a cool article (pages 124-129) and they call her Lotta Anderson. Maybe Anderson is her husband Nick's name, but I'm confused. All I do know is that I love Lotta's work.

Regarding the sticky notes: I've always been associated with Post-it notes, especially in Kierstin's opinion. When I worked at an indie music company, I had Post-its stuck all over my computer and desk reminding me of various tasks to complete. I think Kierstin was disturbed when I abandoned Post-its for a few years - a short phase - but hopefully she will find solace. Now I have eight sets of Lotta sticky notes to adhere all over the house, including my desk upstairs!

Thus far, today has had good rhythm. We pushed snooze once or twice, but then we were up. Fed the cats, breakfast and tea for me, and I watched Johnny (we have several big windows) weed the flower beds while I washed dishes and pulled off our bed sheets to wash as well. I finally chopped a bunch of celery that I neglected in our fridge's veggie crisper. Johnny grilled chicken and sweet potato wedges to take to friends. Nothing overtly eventful, but a good day nonetheless. As I sipped morning tea, seemingly innovative phrases swirled 'round about, but did I type or write them in a journal? Nope. And so they slid down the drain with sweet tater peelings and almond dish soap.

I brewed a vat of afternoon tea hoping the ponderings might revisit. Maybe adding Johnny's Police box set into my iTunes will nourish the writing process.


FutureFoodTVStar said...

I think the link you posted to your new calendars could create a new obsession for me.

I found your blog thru your myspace page. My name is Aimee & went to NWA, I was a year ahead of you. But I figured you wouldn't know who I was on myspace so I thought I'd drop you a note and say hi.

I saw something about health issues further down in your blog. I hope and pray you are better. I have had 2 years of doctors and it's not fun.

Jenni said...

Hi, Aimee! I do remember you. Thanks for your prayers - you have mine, too. I hope you are OK?